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"From immigration to integration" is developed with the idea to engage local authorities and stakeholders from the public and private sector in activities aimed at integration policies and targeted actions (such as support for training, integration into the labor market, cultural mediation, housing policy, etc.) that have been identified as good practices at European level for the social inclusion of immigrants third country nationals.

The project target groups include foreign nationals, residents in Haskovo region and in Bulgaria, with the status of immigrants, experts and institutions from different sectors - local authorities, regional bodies, non-governmental organizations, business and the media.

The specific objectives that the project sets are:

  • Facilitate social inclusion and employment of immigrants by coordinating and integrating activities.
  • Displaying the main actors - the governing body of the public finances and local authorities, private companies and NGOs and successful experience, realized in benefit of immigrants by providing input on how best to develop a programming framework to support the activities of local administrations and especially how to allocate public funds to support these practices.
  • Strengthening the capacity for mutual cooperation and effective participation in the integration process by civil society associations, social partners, local authorities, private sector and NGOs, and various immigrant communities.
  • Conducting consistent and long-term policies to ensure the rights of immigrants and their successful integration into Bulgarian society.
  • Promoting active exchange of best practices, working mechanisms and information on topics of integration policies.

The project builds on an existing Internet platform The following will be published on the website:

  • Handbook for municipalities, private companies and NGOs to develop effective mechanisms to ensure effective involvement of immigrants in local labor markets. The handbook presents the lessons and best practices learned from the institutions responsible for policy development and practitioners across Europe, as well as effective mechanisms for inclusion of immigrants in society.
  • Research on the integration of immigrants and expectations perception of the Bulgarian society. The study presents the expected integration of immigrants third country nationals and the attitudes about their perception of the Bulgarian society. The collected information is useful to support the process of improving the knowledge of integration and improve policy management integration.
  • Established database of training centers and institutions of immigrants in Bulgaria. There will be a system for collecting data on migration to be completed and used by all stakeholders. Links will be established with all relevant institutions, organizations and information materials concerning the life of third-country nationals in Bulgaria
  • Implementation of the information and publicity measures - printing and distribution of the developed handbook, the brochure with with the study results, and broadcasting 4 posts in a regional newspaper

All products and results on the project are available free of charge in Bulgarian and English on

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