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„From and for immigrants – what else you need to know“ accumulates expertise and knowledge in order to build up the on line platform www.bgimigranti.com with new useful information aimed at improving the integration of immigrants in the country. To clarify the rights of immigrants in Bulgaria and especially in Haskovo region and improve their access to goods and services the on line platform www.bgimigranti.com offers the following new sections:

Information on-line training for immigrants' rights and opportunities for better access to goods and services.
In this section you can find training materials on the topics: the acquisition of movable and immovable property of the immigrants in the Republic of Bulgaria, Government structure and activity of key institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria; Explaining the civil law; Explaining the Commercial Law; Explaining the Criminal Law. The materials contain useful information about administrative procedures, services, fees, and documents relevant to immigrants in the country, as well as addresses and telephone numbers of institutions and services related to them. The section offers the possibility of completing an online self-assessment tests on the themes covered.

• "Haskovo Tour on line" - on line visit of natural and historical sites in Haskovo
In this section you can find topical and interesting information about the most interesting sights in Haskovo region, as well as lifestyle and customs peculiar to the region. The section offers an extensive gallery of photos and a map with a virtual route representing the described tourist sites.

Presentation of the life, culture, traditions and customs of the lives of immigrants living in the territory of Haskovo
This section presents customs and culture of foreigners living in the region of Haskovo to with the aim to improve the attitude of the Bulgarian society towards immigrants in the region. Here you can find interesting facts about the life of Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Syrians and Iranians.

• News
In the News section we offer information about: the changes in Foreign Nationals Act from the beginning of 2013 and the results of the survey to collect information about the migration process in Bulgaria and especially in Haskovo, the information and publicity for the project related to the implementation of information and advertising campaign aimed at the media, the host society and institutions, other useful information.

• Project Information
Here you can find the latest information related to the project and its products.

All information provided in this site is published in Bulgarian and English and is available for free.

This Internet site is created with the financial support of the European fund for the integration of third-country nationals co financed by the European Union. The whole responsibility for the contents of this Internet site is being born by RMA “Maritza” and under no circumstances it cannot be considered that it presents the official statement of the European Union and the Contracting Authority.